Erlton Bicycle Shop hosts a large showroom of bicycle accessories so you can find the perfect item to fit your bike. Transform an old bland bike into a personalized beauty with colored grips, pedals, baskets, bells and more! Bicycle accessories help make your bike stand out, just like you do!

Car Racks

Want to take your bikes a little further afield? What car rack style is best for your vehicle? Do you need a car rack that will work on more than one vehicle? What about safety and security? Do you need a commercial rack for a business or apartment complex? Is ease of use important to you, or do you have a specialty bike which needs special consideration? Erlton Bicycle Shop is proud to carry such fine car racks as Saris , Hollywood, Kuat and others to insure a proper fit for your vehicle. We also carry a complete assortment of car rack accessories. Even if you have a car rack now and are not sure if it is the right one for your car or if your not sure if its assembled correctly stop by for a safety check. Talk to the professionals at Erlton about your specific needs. All car racks purchased from Erlton Bicycle Shop come with a lifetime of free safety checks, assembly, and installation.

Child Carriers

For the ultimate in comfort and safety, why not a trailer? Lower to the ground for stability with a bright orange safety flag for visibility, these allow one or two children to sit together! There’s also room for toys and/or groceries or picnic items. Double safety retention system insures peace of mind.  Erlton Bicycle Shop also carries child seats, and trail a bikes! Call or stop in for details.

Bicycle Clothing

Shorts (both baggy and fitted), rain jackets, gloves and more. Erlton Bicycle Shop carries bicycle clothing from Bellweather, Canari, and others. Both men and ladies styles available. Stop in for the latest bicycle clothing styles now!

Bicycle Computers

Erlton Bicycle Shop carries a large selection of bicycle computers. Want to know how far you’ve gone or how fast your going on your bicycle? Trying to increase your cadence, or even find out what your cadence is? How about a heart rate monitor for more effective training! We carry Sigma and Cat Eye bicycle computers in stock, everything from a basic unit to one with all the bells and whistles. Installation for bicycle computers is available too!

Bicycle Helmets

Not all bicycle helmets are created equal!! They may look alike to the casual observer, however the comfort and the retention systems are vastly different from those sold at the big box stores. When a bicycle helmet is uncomfortable the tendency is not to wear it. We will professionally fit the bicycle helmet to the rider to insure safety and comfort. Helmets from  Giro, Bell , Kali and more!

Bicycle Lights

Riding at night? You are going to need bicycle lights. We carry a large selection of bicycle lights, both front and rear, for all types of riding. Our large selection includes both basic bicycle lights and even bicycle lights which can rival a car beam, all at affordable prices. Stop by and try them out yourself! A bicycle light is a necessary item to add to your bicycle safety kit, even if you don’t ride at night. See, and be seen!

Cycling Shoes

Anyone who is serious about using their bike for fitness should invest in a pair of cycling shoes. By clipping into your bicycle pedals, you achieve a more balanced form of pedaling, in which you use both your quads and your hamstrings to pedal in a complete cycle instead of just mashing down. Cycling shoes give you more efficiency in your pedaling power, and overall muscle toning. Cycling shoes also feature a stiff sole, which means all your pedaling energy is going right to your drive train, and not flexing your shoe. We carry cycling shoes made by manufacturers such as Shimano, Mavic, Bontrager, Serfas & Six Six One, in a variety of styles perfect for road biking, mountain biking, or spin class.