New bikes from Raleigh, Giant, Electra, Fit, Eastern, Haro,and more are available for any type of riding you have in mind. If you are in the market for a new bike, stop in and take a look, take some bikes for a ride and get a feel for what you need.

Our bikes are all assembled by an experienced bicycle mechanic, who takes the time to make sure every bike is built to perfection and ready to go when you walk out the door.

All new bikes purchased come with free adjustments and tune ups for a full year!

Keep reading for more information on the type of bikes and brands we carry.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are available in aluminum, carbon, steel, or any combination of the three. The drop handlebar road bike offers the widest range of hand positions while offering a low, aerodynamic posture for greater speed with less effort. The narrower wheels and tires on a road bike are lighter and more efficient. Road bikes are ideal for fast recreational cycling as well as racing. We carry road bikes built by RaleighGiant, and KHS.

Mountain Bikes

Great all-around bikes, the mountain bike is available in the traditional 26-wheel base and also available in 29er or the brand new 27.5 version. These mountain bikes have aluminum or steel frames, fat tires, low gears for easy climbing. Most mountain bikes offer shock-absorbing suspension forks to smooth out the bumps. We carry mountain bikes built by GiantRaliegh, and DiamondBack.

Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike has an up-right riding position for greater comfort and visibility. Wider padded saddles, back relaxing geometry and multi purpose tires for a smooth ride on or off the road. We carry hybrid bikes built by Raleigh, and Giant.

Beach Cruiser

A beach cruiser is the perfect bike for the casual rider. Beach cruisers are comfortable, simple, and come in fun colors and designs. Don’t want multiple gears? Beach cruisers have an up-right riding position, wide sprung and padded saddles, relaxing geometry and big fat tires. They mostly come in 1 speed models but you can get them with a 7 speed derailleur with hand brakes or a 3 speed shifter with coaster brakes for easy stopping. We carry beach cruiser bikes built by ElectraGiantRaleigh, and Sun.

BMX Bike

BMX bikes are all about tricks. Don’t be fooled by the smaller 20 inch wheels, you can really get some big air on these sturdy little BMX bikes. We stock tons of BMX bike parts and accessories, handpicked by actual riders! We carry BMX bikes built by HaroMirraco, and Free Agent.

Kids Bikes

There is nothing better than getting your first bike, and we carry kids bikes for everyone! Erlton Bicycle shop has tricycles, push bikes, scooters and 16 inch training wheel bikes along with 20 inch and 24 inch kids bikes. With a host of cool styles and hot colors you’re sure to find just the right one. A quality kids bike is the best way to start a young cyclist on the road to fun. We also carry a full selection of youth helmets too! We carry kids bikes built by RaleighGiantTorker, and Haro.


Track bikes or fixies are single speed bikes which have been modified for street use. The choice bike messengers and commuters. Flip-flop wheels enable a rider to either ride fixed (track style) or freewheel single speed style. We carry fixie bikes built by Torker, and Electra.

Specialty Bikes

We stock specialty bikes like TANDEMS, ADULT TRICYCLES, FOLDING BIKES, UNICYCLES, RECUMBENTS, TAG-A-LONGS AND EASY BOARDERS. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it.

Special Needs

Everyone likes to ride a bike! That’s why we work with many different companies to provide a great biking experience for people of all types. We carry a range of special need accessories and tricycles. Call us today with your needs! For complete trikes, check out